A pioneering, digitally interactive, learner-centered curriculum designed for virtual and in person use in day school and supplementary middle-school programs.

Program Description

IsraelLINKClassroom curriculum is a series of units designed to enable students to discover their own unique Israel connection. Through experiential and project-based learning, students will discover an Israel whose actions are informed by Jewish values while being encouraged to use their critical thinking to understand Israel as an evolving nation. This relational approach reflects the best of what matters to our youth today and provides them with an opportunity to be inspired by, identify with and connect to a very old, extremely new, and constantly evolving Land of Israel.

With IsraelLINKClassroom you can:

  • Explore students’ thousands-year-old historical connection to Israel and empower them to establish their own, unique modern connection.
  • Help students to see themselves as part of the evolving and vibrant story of the Jewish people and Israel.
  • Engage students as they “put a face on” Jewish continuity in Israel.
  • Help students to understand Israel’s demographic realities in a tangible way.
  • Explore how Jewish values inform Israel’s actions.
  • Empower students to define and articulate their individual Israel connection.

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In this unit take a moment to think about you. Who are you historically? Who are you right now? What matters to you? What do you value? What are some of the things that influence your identity? What are the adjectives or nouns you would use to describe yourself? What is your moral center? All journeys of discovery begin with YOU.

Jewish Continuity
In The Land Of Israel

In this unit you are going to explore Israel as the Jewish Homeland. Through a series of activities, you will fast-forward through Israel’s recorded history from ancient times to today and discover for yourself if there is evidence of the Jewish People’s continuous connection to Israel.

Israel By The Numbers

In this unit, you will have the opportunity to navigate Israel. Through a series of activities, you will become familiar with Israel’s size and surrounding region. You will end the lesson by meeting some individuals who despite the challenges, have chosen to “come home” to Israel.

Diversity In Israel

In this unit you will be introduced to the richness of Israel’s society and the unique and amazing people who add to its culture. This will challenge some of the things you may have heard about what life in Israel is like for some of the people who live there. It may also challenge some of your ideas of who makes up Israel’s population.

Humanitarian Aid

What do values say about a country? In the United States we value, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as promised in our Declaration of Independence. Actions, more than words, say much more about a person or nation and what they value. In this unit, you will learn about some of the actions taken by Israel to assist those in need, and this will help you draw your own conclusion about the role of Jewish values in Israeli society.

Innovation & Technology

In this unit, you will become an expert in one of the areas of cutting-edge technology that Israel is known for. You and your assigned group will become an “advertising team” and create and produce your own commercial to educate your peers on your made-in-Israel innovation or technological breakthrough.

Israel & You

You began your IsraelLINK journey with a self-identifying activity. The goal was that once you determined your core values, you would have had an opportunity to get to know Israel through the lens of what matters to YOU. How does this Israel make you feel? Was there something special and unique you learned that helped you to forge a stronger connection? Is there a value that is important to you that you have seen exemplified through the actions that Israel takes? Is this something that you are still working out? In this unit, you will have the opportunity to explore these questions.

Israeli Arabs, Israeli Jews

In this unit you will be introduced to some of the challenges that exist between Jews and Arabs who both call Israel “Home.” This video provides perspective through the stories of 4 individuals, 2 Arabs and 2 Jews, putting a human face on a complicated history that cannot be distilled down to the simple phrase, “The Conflict.” Despite the challenges, the individuals in this video are hopeful for the future. Although it is not everyone’s experience, it shows what can happen when you actually get to meet, and more important, hear the “other.”

Complex Conversations

In this unit you will explore how to have conversations about triggering topics without letting emotions blindside us. Has someone ever said something about Israel or Jews that has made you uncomfortable? As we all are in the process of educating ourselves to be more sensitive, empathetic and understanding of others’ experiences, we need to make sure that each of us, as members of a minority group, have the tools to determine when language that we would not find acceptable to another group is used on us, and how to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions
Requst More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was IsraelLINK designed for?

Our program is designed for middle-school students, but the program has been used in high school and some components have been used in 4th and 5th grade.

How long does it take to teach the entire curriculum?

In its entirety, all 9 units will require up to 24 lessons/class periods of approximately 50 minutes.

Do I need to teach all units?

For a full and immersive Israel educative experience we recommend that the program is taught in its entirety. However, each unit – as well as the lessons that comprise each unit – are modular and be stand alone. IsraelLINK was designed to fit the needs of the individual teacher and classroom.

How many lessons are in each unit?

Each unit ranges depending on content. Most units have 2 lessons, our largest unit has 8.

What if I do not have enough classroom time allotted to teach Israel?

The IsraelLINK platform can be accessed from any device. Because much of the design is exploration and project-based learning, the lessons can be introduced in class and completed at home using the flipped classroom model.

My students don’t have a lot of time to go online and research. Can they still participate in the projects?

We at IsraelLINK know how time consuming a simple internet search can be. We have done the work for you by creating and curating a series of resource libraries containing articles and videos students will need for their research. This not only frees up time but ensures that the content is age appropriate for your students.

Do we have to teach all 9 units in one grade?

If you have the time, the consistency of teaching all 9 units in one grade would provide the most benefit for your students. However, many schools scaffold the units by grade or by theme which has proven to be extremely successful.

How are lessons delivered?

Lessons are guided by the classroom teacher, using the activities and lesson plans as a blended learning program. All course materials and activities are included, minimizing preparation time. Students will have access to program from any location and device via secure login.

What are the tech requirements?

Devices with wifi: Computers, laptops, tablets, even cell phones! Our online classroom version of IsraelLINK requires 100MB wifi bandwidth. Videos are delivered via Vimeo. If your school’s firewall blocks Vimeo, we can provide an excel spreadsheet with the specific video URLs to unblock individually. We will provide remote tech support to your school and troubleshoot any issues.

What if I don’t have a “digital classroom?”

Although IsraelLINK was designed to be at its most optimal in a digital setting, as long as the teacher has access to a computer and the internet, we have had great success with students working from the downloadable, printable worksheets we provide as well as in discussion only settings.

Once I register, is training provided?

Absolutely! Once your school is registered, we will provide access to the program. Each unit contains training videos and lesson plans under the teacher resources as well as videos for “back end” training and how to access your students’ work. If you have questions after reviewing the program, we are happy to provide extra tech and content support via zoom

What If I am teaching more than one class?

We have many schools that have one educator teaching multiple classes. We will organize your classes and students by code which will make it very easy to keep track of your classes using the same login.

What if I teach at more than one school?

Each school requires a separate registration and a unique email address to log in. Make sure to let your IsraelLINK representative know to make sure you are registered accordingly.

Do I need to register my own classes?

To make it easier for teachers and students, our staff takes care of all registration! We will provide everyone with a unique password in order to login.

What if students forget their passwords?

You have access to your students’ passwords. We try to make it simple and create passwords for teachers and students that are easy to remember. If you get stuck, call our office at: 213-254-3172 or email: info@israellink.org requesting your password and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do my students need to provide an email address for registration?

Not at all! All we need to register your students are their first and last names. We will require your class lists to be submitted first name last name.

How do I view my students’ work?

That, along with other “back end” issues will be covered in the program’s provided videos. If you need additional support, we are happy to schedule a zoom to take you through the process.

What are the costs?

IsraelLINK is a sophisticated, on-line program that is supported by a team of educators, web engineers, production teams that are constantly updating video content, graphic designers, and more. A program of this caliber costs between $1,000 and $3,000 per school to facilitate. With tremendous gratitude to the Sandra and Lawrence Post Family Foundation, who understand the need for dynamic and engaging Israel education, we can offer this program at the following subsidized costs:

  • Full digital package of 5 or more classes for the entire institution. Can include day school, supplementary school, youth group and family programming. Includes all training, tech and content support and materials, secure login and unlimited access for teacher and up to 100 students. 5 hours of additional training and/or trouble shooting as needed throughout the school year. Up to Kesher board games provided as needed. $540
  • Full digital package for 2 – 4 classes. Includes all training, tech and content support and materials, secure login and unlimited access for teacher and up to 60 students. 2 hours of additional training and/or trouble shooting as needed throughout the school year. Up to 7 Kesher board games provided. $360
  • Full digital package for 1 class. Includes all training, tech and content support and materials, secure login and unlimited access for teacher and up to 20 students. 2 hours of additional training and/or trouble shooting as needed throughout the school year. Up to 5 Kesher board games provided. $180

More questions? Contact us at info@IsraelLINK.org