What Is IsraelLINK?


IsraelLINK is an ever-expanding curriculum developed by a team of innovative educators, curriculum developers and educational consultants. This curriculum will introduce students to the historical ties Jews have to the Land of Israel while providing portals for students to engage with modern Israel. IsraelLINK is an adaptable, online program. Learning is student-centered, experiential and project based with an emphasis on discovery.

Why choose IsraelLINK?

Each students’ identity and values inform not just the how of their personal connection to Israel, but more significantly the WHY. It is important to learn about Israel as the Biblical Homeland and the realization of the Zionist dream. Equally important is understanding Israel as the incubator of the Jewish people; an evolving people whose identity, culture, values and resilience has much to offer. This provides students with not only the opportunity to learn something new about Israel, but more importantly to begin building a relationship with Israel, one that is based on the diverse points of connection that speak to each individual learner.

Who can use IsraelLINK?

This curriculum is written for middle school students (6th – 8th grade) but may be adapted and modified for younger or older students. IsraelLINK provides platforms for both group and independent learning.

Where can IsraelLINK be used?

The IsraelLINK curriculum is currently being implemented nation-wide across all denominations in day schools, supplementary schools, youth group programs in both classroom and virtual settings.